兰州公安对6名刑满开释外籍职员履行驱赶出境 Passport



  The Chinese Government protects the legitimate rights and interests of foreigners within Chinese territory。 By the mean time, foreigners inChinashall abide by Chinese laws and regulations, respect the sovereignty and social system ofChina, and observe the local custom and folkways。

  1、外国人入境后,须按规定办理住宿登记:(1)在旅馆住宿的,按照旅馆业治安管理规定办理住宿登记;(2)在旅馆以外场合住宿的, 24小时内由住宿人或房东向住宿地公安派出所申报;(3)已办理居留许可的常住外国人,分开常住住所到其余处所住宿,按上述规定办理住宿登记。




  A foreigner whose passport is lost or stolen/robbed shall promptly report to the local police station and then, with the Receipt of Case Reporting obtained, go to the Entry-Exit Department of Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau for a Confirmation of Lost Passport, so as to exit China or to apply to his/her embassy or consulate for a new passport。

  Foreigners without residence permit or on a study program inChinashall not be employed inChina。 Foreigners who are employed to work in Lanzhou(including those who invest in a company or factory, standing representatives, scientific or technological experts, engineering, cultural or educational specialists, etc。) shall, within 30 days of their entry, apply to Lanzhou Administration Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs for a Foreigner‘s Work Permit。 Then, together with their Health Examination Certificate and Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors, they may apply for a Residence Permit to Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau。 During your staying in Lanzhou, do not seek or receive payment for any work if you get no permission from the competent authorities of Chinese Government to avoid illegal working。

  After entring intoChina, foreigners shall complete accommodation registration procedures in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations:

  When you get a new passport, you shall go immediately to the nearest Exit & Entry Administration Bureau to apply for a new visa or residence permit。

  In case of any changes in the information written in a foreigner residence card (such as name, nationality, occupation, status, place of work, address and passport number), the holder of the card shall, within 10 days, register such changes with Entry-Exit Department of Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau。

  Do not exchange foreign currencies with any individuals or unauthorized institutions to avoid money loss。 Do not tell your bank information to unfamiliar persons or organizations。


  Foreigners at the age of 16 and upwards who reside or stay inChinashall carry with them their passports for possible inspection by police。



  Article 66 of the Law of the P.R.C。 on Administrative Penalties for Public Security stipulates strict prohibition of prostitution and whoring。 Anyone who is acting in contravention of the law shall be detained from 10 to 15 days, and shall be concurrently served a fine of less than 5000 yuan。


  According to article 19 of the Law of the P.R.C。 on Road Transportation Safety, a foreigner shall hold a valid Chinese Driver’s License if he/she wishes to drive an automobile or motorcycle in Chinese territory。 Foreigners shall abide by the Road Traffic Laws of China, and obey the management of traffic police。



  Guard against pickpockets and burglars。 In case of emergency, please call out loud for help or dial 110 for the police。 As emergency cries in Chinese, “Jiu Ming Ah!” is equivalent to “Help!” and “Jing Cha!” is to “Police!” 

  Foreigners holding visas Z、X-1、Q-1、S-1、J-1 shall, within 30 days of entry into China, obtain residence permit from the Entry?Exit Administration Department of Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau。 Foreigners holding valid residence permit can exit and enterChinawithout applying for a visa。


  (2) To lodge at a place other than hotel, the lodger or the host of house shall report to the local police station within 24 hours of arrival;

  A Reminder for Foreigners

  Foreigners holding visas F、L、G、C、S-2、Q-2、X-2、J-2may stay in China within the validity of visa。 If you need to prolong your stay here in China, please go to the Entry?Exit Administration Department of Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau to apply for a visa extension。





  (1) When lodging at a hotel, register with the hotel in accordance with the public security administration regulations for hotels;


  (3) Foreigners holding a residence permit who wish to lodge elsewhere than their own residence shall report and register accommodation in accordance with the above rules。

  Welcome to Lanzhou! For a more pleasant stay here, please read this reminder carefully。


  in Lanzhou

  Foreigners who are religious believers may go to the church in Lanzhou for cult, but are not allowed to preach, to spread religion booklet or to develop members in any occasion。